Although there are a lot of different snakes species in Pakistan. But according to wikipedia there are 67 species of snakes)found in Pakistan. today, we will discuss about poisonous snakes in Pakistan. lets discuss it.

Poisonous Snakes in Pakistan.

According to our search, there are 4 different most dangerous snakes in Pakistan. Here we will discuss them in detail that what happens when any of these snakes bites to human

1. Cobra – Sheesh Nag, Kala Nag.


Cobra is highly toxic to brain and heart. Its symptoms appear in 10 minutes. after biting.

Here are some symptoms which patient shows after biting from Cobra.

  • Pulse becomes weak, irregular and faster.
  • Muscle Paralysis :  leading to coma and heart and respiratory failure.
  • limbs become weak , eyelid droop and person produces excessive saliva.
  • vomiting and sweating can also occur.

2. Saw Scaled Viper – Lundi (Urdu) , phissi( Pashto), kuppurjanndi ( Sindhi).

Saw Scaled Viper

This viper found in Quetta and along Makkran belt.

Here are some symptoms which patient shows after biting from this Viper.

  • Within minutes wound site swell with excessive pain.
  • In extreme cases whole limbs can swell.
  • Blisters can also formed  on the skin.
  • Blood can ooze out from nose or mouth.
  • Vomit and stool might also contain blood.
  • In severe cases person goes into shock.

3. Russell’s Viper – Koriwala (Urdu) 

Venom of this snake can deliver 2 to 3 times the lethal venom dose.

Here are some symptoms which patient shows after biting from this Viper.

  • First pain starts then the area swells, Blister are formed and areas around it become dead.
  • Blood pressure are heart rate drops in less than half an hour.
  • In about 25 percent of cases vomiting occurs and face swells.
  • Approximately same number of people suffer from kidney failure.
  • Blood clots develop throughout the bloodstream this is called DIC.
  • Early treatment will be Life saving but if someone ignore this, death will definitely occur.
  • People die from severe infection after biting from this viper.
  • Respiratory, or cardiac failure may occur 1 to 14 days after the bite or even later.

4. Sind Krait – Sung Choor (Urdu)

Russell's Viper

Neurotoxic. This viper bites rarely, but in more than half of victims die after this in 4 to 8 hours.

Here are some symptoms which patient shows after biting from this Viper. Lets discuss them.

  • Patient feels no or little pain after biting from this viper. because of this viper is rarely
  • People think it was bite from small insect or mosquito as low or no pain occurs after bite.
  • A person usually feel abdominal cramps leading to paralysis.
  • After few hours face muscle tightness start, due to which  person cant see or talk. Death is sure if medical help is not taken.

All these symptoms of snake biting are take from different sources to educate people about snake biting so that in such cases they can prevent themselves by taking medical help as soon as possible. if you want to read more in detail about snake types in Pakistan, please click here.

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