Although snakes are not very much abundant in our city areas(we are talking about Pakistan’s big cities) but they are in abundant quantity in village areas. So, everyone should know about   “snake bite prevention and first aid” Because prevention is better than cure.

In our previous article we have discuss about symptoms after snake biting, but today we will discuss about prevention from snakes biting. Lets discuss it in some detail.

Snake Bite Prevention and First Aid.


Snake Bite Prevention and First Aid

You should take precautions necessarily if you are living in area where snakes can be appeared.

  • Wear long shoes and have torch lights (if you are walking at night time because snakes can appeared frequently at night).
  • Listen to birds and animals they warn about snake bite (Mostly birds are flying over the snake).
  • Don’t not put your hands in holes, nest or any place where it is dark.
  • Fishermen should avoid touching sea snakes.
  • Keep young children away from areas known rice farming and fish farming as these areas can have abundant snakes. Farmers mostly face them but they are use to it and they have safety precautions with them.

First Aid.

Snake Bite Prevention and First Aid

If unfortunately something happens to you, you have to brave and face this difficulty. In most cases you will be the first person to give first aid to yourself. Keep these some tips in your mind.

  • See if it is a snake and try to take photo with mobile or ask your friend because doctor will easily understand that what type of poison you are facing and he will immediately give you anti dose.
  • DO NOT try to suck the venom or  freeze. but cut the wound site so that poison flow out with blood.
  • If Snake venom is neurotoxic – Wrap tourniquet above and Below the bite.
  • Keep calm and don’t try to walk, with movement toxic blood will flow in the body fast.
  • Remove clothing or jewelry as areas will soon swell .
  • You must keep the wound below the heart , so blood cant travel towards heart fast.
  • Remove shoes if snakes has bitten.
  • Give the person alcohol or caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee.
  • Most importantly, manage to go hospital as soon as possible but in car or bike and keep your wound level below you heart.


We hope that this article e.g snake bite prevention and first aid will help you to get out of this habit. Here you can read some other articles about snakes. If you have any suggestions or feedback, Please leave comment or contact us.

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