If you type “porn” on any search engine, you will see millions of result that show how world is searching about this. Most probably this is most hot topic in young generation(from age 15-50). At some age, everyone is addicted in this bad habit and want to break this habit, but they don’t know how to break this. Today we will discuss 10 steps to leave Pornography in efficient way.

Addiction can be different of types. Our brain doesn’t make difference whether the addiction is from a chemical or an experience. And we know that, Pornography is related to experience. so lets talk how to break this addiction.

10 steps to leave Pornography.

Here are few steps to leave Pornography. Lets discuss each them in detail.

1. To break a habit, make a habit

Idle mind – idle thoughts. Try to have a hobby like painting, gaming, swimming, cricket, badminton or any other which you like except porn. Always try to drain your brain and body. Even playing indoor games like Ludo, Carrom board can change the mood.

2. Early to bed.

sleep early

Try to sleep early at night as late-night movies in which explicit seen may end up opening to another video which will end up in pornographic sight.

3. Understanding

Its like addiction of smoke or alcohol, after some time you need higher or different content to satisfy your urge. so, before this time, try to leave this habit so you can avoid future consequences. Future consequences can be worst as you know it will lead you towards sex. So, understand this habit as any illness and take precautions for it.

4. Ad blocker.

Often ads lead to the same tipping point. One must Install add blocker in your compute or mobile. so while using computer ads may not distract you towards it. You can install it from here. Install it today, because it matters for you.

5. Avoid triggers and don’t sit alone.

 step 5

Exam stress, anxiety about certain issues or sleeplessness can lead to this. Try to figure out ways to cope exam stress i.e. often music or talking to friend helps in calming the exam stress.  If you are starting to break this habit, try to always be in gathering. avoid loneliness because this will lead to watch Pornography.

6. Limit your internet

Internet in main sources of pornography, try to limit its use. Spending time with family, friend or cousins can help a lot.

7. Strategy

 Step 7

Write down when you usually have these thought and what will be your plan to counter it . If you don’t have one make one.

8. Huge Cost.

Make an aim in your life and stick to it, and always keep in mind what you want to be, and how much these videos are costing you? Because watching these you are compromising your health, money and time. and these all all most precious in anyone life. Moreover having aim in your life will help you to avoid this habit.

9. Spiritual Connection.


Often in getting the goals (life, career, money) our connection to Allah/God/Jesus gets faded. And due to which we want to find satisfaction in PornographyBut always trust on spirituality, because real satisfaction of heart is not in Pornography its some where else. So, lets take some time and Try to find it. Most probably you will find it in your prayers.


10. Get married.


Last but most important, main reason to watch Pornography is because of our nature. If you find it that you can not get back from this habit, try to get married as soon as possible. because this is ultimate solution of this problem.

We hope that this article will help you to get out of this habit. Here you can read some other articles about sex education. If you have any suggestions or feedback, Please leave comment or contact us.

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